Kota Creative: Penhalingon’s Mystery Mansion

Penhaligon's Mansion Splash Screen

I got to work with Kota for Penhaligon’s again. Another really nice concept with lovely visuals. The idea is for the user to explore Penhaligon’s mansion looking for clues as to who kidnapped Mr. Truthsbury. This time I was brought in earlier on and was responsible for the majority of the code. All in all I fell this was a really nice learning experience as I got to experiment with Brunch.io and add a little bit of Three into my workflow.

Penhaligon’s Mystery Mansion

Bellow, some of the original screen designs.

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Kota Creative: Penhaligon’s Times

The Penhaligon's Times

Yay! Another project with Kota – those guys are super nice to work with. And we were working with Penhaligon’s again. I really like their visual style – I hope this keeps going and we keep getting repeat work with them. I feel this project was an improvement from the last one in terms of workflow and execution.

I built nearly all the frontend and created all the animation (there’s not a lot there, I admit… But still, mine!)

Penhalingon’s Times